Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ichiban Top 10~

Ok... I decided to post Ichiban Top 10... This is the only way I will update everyweek...hehe... Ichiban Top 10 is aired at 1.30pm every Sunday on 98.8 .... Everyweek DJ Simon San will play this chart.. I think it is the ratings for Malaysia only... Quite slow... Oricon Top 30 is the ratings for Japan...
One thing bad abt this station is this DJ keeps on talking in between.. He talks during the music... So you are listening to something nice then suddenly the music is muted and he starts talking... interrupting the BEAUTIFUL song... *sigh*... but this is the only music station that plays j-pop songs... So have to put up with it...

This week's Ichiban Top 10:
  1. Baby Don't Cry - Namie Amuro <安室奈美惠>
  2. Imagine You (想見你) - Se7en
  3. Flavor of Life - Utada Hikaru <宇多田光>
  4. Choosy Lover - 东方神起
  5. Part of Me - Ayumi Hamasaki
  6. I Love You - Mika Nakashima
  7. Journey - w-inds
  8. Kimi no Suki na Toko - Ken Hirai
  9. Hoshi wo Mezashite (朝著星光前進) - NEWS
  10. CHE.R.RY - Yui


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