Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Langkawi Trip~!

Day 1
[Part 3]

After some shopping we went to a pasar malam in Kuah town. Bought some kerepok lekor which were only 10 cents a piece!! So cheap! Here is like 20 cents or maybe more than that for one piece. Nothing much so spent very little time at the pasar. Had dinner at a chinese restaurant. Then bought a hat from a shop. My old hat got some stain from the suntan lotion last time. I loved that hat. It was sooo nice.

Shopped for a while then we went for hotel hopping!

YES!! Normally people come to Langkawi and go ISLAND hopping but we went for HOTEL hopping... not that I mind but, funny la...
First we went to Awana Porto Malai. Impressive driveway. It wasn't very nice because there wasn't a beach there. Only a port. and ships. swt. Here's a pic of the entrance.
and one of the cool boats there...

Next hotel was Holiday Villa. The place was okay la. The pool was HUGE!!! Other than that, it was okok... Still prefer Berjaya...

It took us abt one hour to reach our "home". Kuah is on the right side of the island and we are on the upper left side. Came back and my feet were aching. Was suppose to go to the ebach for a walk but it was aready 12 midnight so took a rest instead.

--End of Day 1--

Next post will be on day 2... Gosh... getting lazy again... results comin out on friday... so takut... I finally finished Honey & Clover season 1!! Now watching Azumanga Daioh... Not so nice... but I have this thing, when I start watching one series, I must finish it... sigh... the story is a bit wierd... oh well... Wanna go sleepy sleepy...


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