Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Had a very good feeling... Felt happy... but I was a bit jealous too... *sigh*
When I was younger, I was so fascinated by space until I wanted to become an astronaut! My mom would laugh about it and tell her friends... Haha! Sadly that dream cannot be achieved cuz I am not fit enough... The government said there might be another Angkasawan program next year... Some of the conditions you must fulfill are:
You must be at least 21 to 40 years old... (not qualified)
Must be fit (not qualified)
Both of your thighs must be 40 cm or less (not sure what they mean by this)... otherwise you cannot fit into the Soyuz...
At 9.23 pm (MT), the Soyuz-FG Rocket blasted off from a launch facility in Kazakhstan carrying on board our very first Malaysian cosmonaut, Dr Sheikh Muzaphar, eteran Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko, and Peggy Whitson from US (NASA’s commander)... Dr. Sheikh is the 9th muslim in space, if I'm not mistaken...
It was sooo cool... It took them abt 2 minutes to enter the orbit and 7 minutes later they were feeling zero gravity! That's so FAST! They were travelling at speeds up to 800 km/seconds!!
Did you know that the crew had to micturate on the tyres of the bus they were in?? Only guys la... They said that it's a ritual that has been carried on since Yuri Gagarin's time...
Well, in abt 30 minutes time, they will be unstrapping themselves from their seats and taking off their spacesuits to change into something "normal"... Hehe...
Hope everything goes well!!
Good luck to the crew and have a safe journey!!

Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar (left) & Dr. Faiz (right)

Till then...


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