Friday, August 15, 2008

Something new?

YES!! MY blog has been updated... well just added some new links and took out some old ones...

Haven't updated the hong kong trip now cuz I'm really lazy... hahaha...
Today went out for lunch with YanQi, Nina & my omma!! gg... We were suppose to go to this pakistan restaurant and eat this dish... It's spinach served with CHEESE!! I was soo excited and happy cuz I've nvr tried this dish b4... After 'rounding' the place for a parking, parked far away, we walked to the restaurant.... They were closed!! They just went for prayers and their break...Will be back at 5pm... SO SAD!! So we walked down to Rakuzen cuz it was near... Waited outside for a while and decided not to eat there... Bene having sushi fest.... 2 weeks ago, we went for sushi on Friday as well... =)
Went to Parade... wanted wo eat my yummy pineapple fried rice... mana tau the place is under renovation!! SO SAD!! Since all of us didn't want to eat fast food we went for Kenny Rogers instead... Our definition of fast food is KFC, McD, pizza etc... =)

MAN!! I spent 25 bucks for lunch!! The chicken was small (hehe... I was the only one who got the drumstick), side dishes were small... I still remember the savoury rice last time had onions, cabbage and lots of carrots in them... NOW... Only like 3 or 4 cubes of carrots... lol... tasted more like ginger rice to me... the mash potato isn't so nice anymore... but the muffins!! OH!! STILL THE YUMMY OLD MUFFINS I ATE 5 YEARS AGO!! lol... Oh... and their ice lemon tea was like 5 bucks! Why so expensive??

Anyways... had so much fun today... talked a lot, laughed a lot... so tempted to play the sims 2 thanks so my omma!! sadly I can't install it... no idea why... I must buy back the CD... I have the deluxe one but it just won't work for me... =( I've spent sooo much money on the sims products and so many of them don't work... MY first SIMS2 cd I bought was working fine... I reformated my comp and now it's gone... where's the CD?? MY sister's fren misplaced it... *Sad* RM20 fly away...

OOo... Congratz to Lee Chong Wei!! He beat Lee Hyun Il!! Now he's in the finals!! And to the 2 divers, Leong Mun Yee & Elizabeth Jimie... They both qualified for the 3m springboard event!! GO GIRLS!! Wonder when Nickson will be on... hehe...

Oh... I bet u notice this little popup thingy at the bottom of the window, click on it!! It's a youth forum for Malaysia... Voice out abt anything!! =)

Getting sleepy~~
Shall finish my homework b4 sleeping... Lee Chong Wei will be playing agst Lin Dan this Sunday at 6.30pm... support him and he wins RM 1 mil!! All the best!!


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