Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Just received my prize from Channel [V] like 10 minutes ago! Haha... They delivered it themselves! SERIOUS! Haha... Way to save on the postage ppl...

Look what came knocking on my door!

My new bottle of perfume! CKIN2U Pop for Her

YEY! I was about to buy Flora by Gucci perfume at Langkawi... Good thing I didn't... hehe... Saved over 200 bucks! Plus the Gucci perfume was only 75mL, I think... This CKIN2U is 100mL! Cool! The smell is quite refreshing... I'm not really into perfume though... The only perfumes I've ever used were frm Body Shop & this one bottle (given) from Crabtree & Evelyn... Hehe...

To top that, I have another great news! My timetable for next sem is WONDERFUL! ONLY 19 HOURS & NO CLASSES ON FRIDAYS! so far... touch wood


Spot my nickname!!

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