Monday, July 27, 2009

YEY! It's my lucky month~~

Guess who was one of the lucky 10 people to win the giveaway?? D-uh... Quite obvious right... haha... ME!!

Didn't take a pic of it cuz I'm too lazy... hahahar! Here's what I won... *grins*

Ooo... I've been getting lots of skincare and makeup and girly stuff lately... lol...
Something sad happened yesterday though... I was cleaning out my wardrobe and I dropped one vial of Laneige skincare sample... It's nowhere to be found!! I searched EVERYWHERE! The whole room, my cupboard, even in the dustbin... So sad! I was planning to try it after my skin 'behaves'... lol... it keeps 'erupting' now...

Well, I'm gonna pop by Biotherm before Friday to receive my FREE SAMPLE!! This time I'm gonna keep it in a small container or my paper bag (which has other samples and various masks) ROFL!


Oh... I just discovered something AWESOME!! Since I can't afford a MusicPad Pro, I found another program that well, makes my laptop 'look' like a music book (minus the weight la)... haha...

It's called iRotate!!
It's my best friend now~~


Say buh-bye to printing out music sheets and purchasing clear folders that always seem to be running out of pockets... You not only save money (it's freeware ^^) but u also save the ENVIRONMENT! Hahaha... Go green~~

Version: 1.37
Released: 1 June 2008
File size: 110 Kb



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