Sunday, August 16, 2009

Twiterry =)

I seriously love twitter... Unfortunately my handphone can't say the same... HAH! What to do when lecturer is late for class, 'TWEET'... What to do when you're bored at home, 'TWEET'... How to update your online buddies when you're too lazy to blog? 'TWEEEEEEET'...


It's already been 4 weeks since I started my FINAL SEMESTER! minus summer school. Been slacking a lot! I already have 2 assignments and 1 mini-research project to work on... Goin online is my reward for finishing up 2 hw this week... I copied all of my med microb notes and typed out my immuno report... Now I have my med microb tute questions left and all my other assingments to finish... sighs...

Love this sem though... Fridays are free and my timetable is sooo much more relaxed this sem compared to last sem... Last sem I had abt 26 -28 hrs of classes a week and this sem it's only 19hrs!! Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best cuz I have a 2 hrs break and we normally go out for good yummy lunchies... hehe... Still craving for my Yogur Berry eventhough we went last Wednesday =(

Anyways, I'm super lucky AGAIN!! This time I won a WATCH! Don't know how it looks like but I got a Casio G-shock watch... *yey*

Channel [V] Lucky Draw Winners

Nette: Looks like I wasn't lucky enough to win the MTV tix but I'm pretty glad I didn't get them cuz the rumours abt the k-bands performing were rumours afterall... Sad... Can't wait for SS501 in Dec though!!

Collected sooooo many new music sheets and I'm really happy!! Hehe... I know my piano is... lol... Oh and I just watched Horton Hears a WHO! and Awake just now... I love Horton!! He is soooo cute =) Katie too! Hahaha... She's so cute in a weird way... lol...



-A person is a person no matter how small-

Internet has been super super blaaaaaa these few days... Super duper slow for I dunno what reason... They just laid down new fibre optic cables which they 'claim' would improve our broadband speed... HAH!


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