Sunday, November 15, 2009

Remark. lol.

'Hahaha... The lighting so cacat. Amateur shot (exclamation mark)'

Remark of the year that I'll never forget... Thanks Mr u-know-who-you are... Hahaha... I know, I'm not a good photographer but this is the best u can get from me after a super tiring hike... Mind you, this was the 18th plot of the day too =)

EXAMS ARE OVER~~ I'M SO GLAD... But not relieved... no idea what to do... Anyone knows a uni that will accept my average results? I'm interested in Masters of Marine Pharmacology or Microbiology =)

Cherrios~~ Can't wait for Singapore next week~~ Christmas decors already up... Hehe... here are some shots of the room I stayed at a month ago and will be staying again next week (same hotel, not room... hehe)

The entrance


BED~~ Boring captions.. haha...

BED again...

View of Orchard Road from the room... View of the road below at night~~

HMV~~ My favourite store in Sg... Followed by UniQlo =)

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