Saturday, April 10, 2010

cool airlines!

Mom's friend took Korean Airlines to US and she was AMAZED by their service... They had a make-up room aka powder room aka DRESSING ROOM for ladies on board!! They provide basic cosmetics in the dressing room as well... It's bigger than the toilet! NOT ONLY THAT, everytime u exit the bathroom, a steward/stewardess will be waiting outside the toilet to clean the toilet after u! EVERY SINGLE TIME! I'm amazed by their service... Too bad the airfare is too expensive, otherwise I would have chosen to fly with them...

Oh well, Thai Airways is fine too I guess... I haven't flew with them before... I've only been on China Airlines, MAS, AirAsia, and some domestic airlines in USA...


Ooo... this new anime on Animax has resparked my interest in anime again! hehe... gud gud!
Now watching イタズラなKiss


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