Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Conquering more of Asia

I can add China to the list of Asian places I've visited... hohoho... I previously step foot onto a tiny weeny part of China (not really counted in my book - Shenzhen n Zhuhai)...

I covered more cities and places this time^^

Day 1
Left PJ at 6.45am and took a flight to Guangzhou, transit for 4 hours and then took another flight to Chongqing~ Checked into a fake 5 star hotel... horrible place...

[note: Chongqing has the largest population in China... I nvr knew that... Over 30million ppl! That's like more than the population of Malaysia in a city!!]

Day 2
Visited Eling Park and the Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing... Headed to the pier at night to board the cruise^^
We took Victoria Anna~~ Not too big, abt 200 passengers~~

Day 3
Breakfast was YUMMY!! Better than the food in Chongqing... Went to visit the 'Ghost' city of Fengdu... Really interesting~~ A few rules that we had to follow... The guide even told us how to spot ghosts... lol... 3 ways: 1st - if the person has no shadow; 2nd - if the person has no knees, 3rd; the person is talking but has to lower jaw and chin... creepy eh?

There were three levels of temples; heaven, earth and the underworld... Before entering the 1st the temple, we had to walk across a bridge... Ppl who are single have to cross the bridge with an uneven no. of steps. For those who are not, have to cross with 8 steps... Then to get to the 2nd level, we had to climb a flight of stairs... Ppl under the age of 33 had to climb the stairs in one single breath... I managed to do it! haaha... When we entered the 'underworld' we were given a choice on what gender wanna be in our next life... Enter the gate on the right side for female and the left side for male... Somehow, I don't think my aunts n uncles heard and they all walked on the right side... hahaha... After another flight of steps, there was another gate... Girls had to cross the gate using their right leg and the guys, left... When crossing the gate, careful not to touch it as they say u will lose money :)
Another interesting thing I found out was that Kuan Yin used to be a horse from India and was then transformed into a man with female features.......... I nvr knew that....

After Fengdu, we headed back to our Cruise ship and had lunch :) Slept for a while then went for the Captain's Welcome session... Then it was dinner and then a fashion show showcasing the Chinese traditional clothes...

Day 4
Sailed through the first gorge, Wu Gorge... It was beautiful!! Then we took a smaller ferry to the Three Smaller Gorges / Daning River... Somewhere along the river was the site of the Hanging Coffins of the Bo people... I've always wanted to see it!! It's so cool!! Amazing how these people climbed the super high rock walls while carrying a heavy wooden coffin... Saw a few~~ After that we transferred onto a smaller boat / sampan and... Very nice~~~ Our boatman was nice... He sure didn't look his age (37)...

After dinner, there was another performance by the crew... Very very entertaining... hahaha... Later around 11pm I think we sailed through the shiplocks... Stayed up till the last gate (6)... It was sooo worth it!! Went to sleep around 4am... It lasted THAT long~~ It's so interesting... haha

Day 5
Woke up early =( IT was our last day on the cruise... boohooo... Wanted to skip breakfast but I didn't wanna miss the yummy food! Visited the Three Gorges Dam site... Sailed through the last Gorge... Had our last lunch on the ship and then we disembarked at Yichang... Took a bus to Jingzhou (one of the Three Kingdoms)... Visited a mausoleum that contained China's oldest man or something... There was a preserved body in the museum... After that we went to THE WALL... I can't remember what it's called but the local guide kept mentioning,'Here u can see THE WALL... ANCIENT WALL.......' At THE WALL, there were three statues, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and someone else... Then we took the bus to Wuhan (another 3 hours!!)... Arrived at Wuhan in the evening, had dinner, and shopped a bit before checking in to our hotel/apartment... IT WAS HUGE!!! Creepy too... swapped rooms with my parents cuz our room was bigger...

Day 6
Breakfast was lousy... Visited the Yellow Crane Tower... LOTS OF PEOPLE! SUPER HOT!! It was hot everyday... haha... After that we headed to the airport and had lunch...Took a plane to Guangzhou~~~ Had YUMMY dinner at Guangzhou and then checked into our lovely hotel~~~

Day 7
YUMMY breakfast as expected of Holiday Inn :) Went to see the Three Goats statue in the park and drove pass the San Yet Sun monument... Then we went to Beijing Street for SHOPPING!! We had a dimsum lunch at a famous restaurant called Lian Xiang Lou (100 year old something... I can't remember)... IT WAS AMAZING!! Best dim sum I've ever eaten... hohoho... Egg tarts were fantastic! Har-kou had 3 prawns in it^^ After lunch we went to a walking mall which was a bad choice... Too complicated and a lot of renovations (decorations, as our guide called it) were taking place... After that we headed back to Beijing Road for a last minute shopping...

Had dinner at a fancy smancy place but dummy people were smoking indoors... sigh sigh sigh... So inconciderate of them to smoke indoors... PABO!! Headed back to the hotel to pack pack pack!!!

Day 8
Had yummy breakfast again :) Went to the Friendship Mall which was really near our hotel... It was raining~~~~ Visited their supermart and bought stuff^^ Then I bought a Sony earphone for only RM52!! My aunt got me a Samsung TicToc mp3 player~~ It's SOOOO CUTE!! Kamsahamnida =) She was the same aunt that got me my very first mp3 player; Creative Zen Stone... hehe... SO nice^^

After that, headed back to the hotel for some last minute packing and off we go to the airport... Had an expensive but edible food at the airport... Our flight was delayed till 8pm... Why? Cuz the plane lated... lol... LATED!! CHINA english is THE BEST!! Arrived in Malaysia around 12am plus... Reached PJ at 2am and came home around 2 plus... Unpacked and slept at 4am~~


This time 8 days felt like 2 weeks cuz we visited so many places... When I was in Korea, 8 days felt really really short... haha.... The trip to China was more memorable and fun because I went with my FAMILY =) There were 26 of us!! Only 3 of my cousins went... The rest were aunts and uncles and my grandma's sister (I think)...

Have yet to upload photos onto facebook... streamyx prb again... *sighs*


p/s: Aparently, a tripod in China is called a 'Camera horse' ROFL.......
Wanted to upload a pic but I can't... Always have this prb when I'm using Digi internet... sighs...

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