Sunday, May 22, 2011

Call it luck!

Hehe... I was super lucky! Last Thursday night, received a surprising call from an unknown number... Picked it up, line was so bad that I couldn't hear anything... Lucky the person called again 1 minute later,"Hello, we're calling from 8tv NiteLive......................" My instant reaction was like,'OMG! *gotta stay calm and not scream*"... She told me that I was the grand prize winner of the 2AM Showcase ticket giveaway!!! I was like,'Wow! Wow! Thank you soooooo much!'. I couldn't stop thanking her... My mom was saying, "Why u nvr scream? Just go wow wow only one?" It wouldn't be nice to scream to her on the phone, right?

lol. I was soooooooooooooooooooooo happy because I didn't buy my tickets YET and was contemplating on whether to go or not because the venue was all the way in Ampang Park... A good 40-50 minutes away from my house if there isn't any traffic...

So, my sis didn't want to go with me, my friends were busy... sighs... I got my mom to come along because she likes their songs^^ Hahaha...

Next day, bogged with so much work, and had to leave my office sharp at 5.30 which didn't go as planned.... left work at like 5.50 and rushed all the way down to Sri Pentas... Their office hours were from 10am-7pm and it was super jam... Reached the place with 10 minutes to spare!

Collected my goodie bag :)

2 showcase tickets, special edition cd, and a folder~

Showcase the next day!

Pics not very clear because I was seated on the upper tier....

3 of the boys were having their birthday in May and so they were presented with a Twin Towers cake!

Thanks 8tv Nite Live!!!


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