Saturday, September 3, 2011

The holidays were fun while it lasted~~

Had a long break from last Saturday till last Thursday :) Went back to work on Friday and am on 'holiday' again (weekends = holiday^^)...

Work on Friday was mad... rushing to catch up on my work... by 9am, my table was barely visible... my desktop too! Thank goodness that by lunch time, most of it was cleared... Took back a bit of work and just finished them~

So what have I been up to? Yes, I'm still actively looking for another job. So far, no news yet *Cross fingers* Went to MTV World Stage (so-so this year) , went for David Archuleta's concert (it was FREE!), outings with cousins and friends, Korean Party, AND a trip to Singapore last weekend!

Now am clearing up my comp and backing up my files.... it's taking forever~~~


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