Thursday, April 12, 2007

Little Known Facts abt Me~!

I decided to do a little thing abt me...little known facts abt me...
I think I will put up 10 of these
little facts...

1. I love the smell of Dettol !!

I love the smell of Dettol antiseptic wash.... I dunno why! It smells REALLY REALLY GREAT!! but I try not to smell too much...hehe...

2. I hate spiders !!

I despise them... I will kill them... Normally with boiling hot water (from the dispenser, of course)... but if I'm too lazy to get water, I would spray them with hot water... Most of the time they are found in the bathroom... =D

3. I Don't eat Shark's Fin !!

Yup! I no longer eat them anymore... not really eat la...but you know what I mean... No more shark's fin soup for me! After I watched this documentary "Earth Pulse 2006" by Discovery, I decided not to eat them anymore...Believe it or not, they said (the scientists) that by killing sharks, the effect of global warming will be even stronger... It's basically a chain reaction abt disrupting the balance of the ecosystem...

4. I am obsessed with CoLOurS !!

I loved colours lined up in order...from dark to bright or from bright to dark... I like pastel colours, soft colours, metallic... During CNY, when I help up a stack of 5 Ringgit bills, the colours were so nice!! SO NICE that I even took a picture of it!
Sometimes, if I'm free, I would arrange the clothes in my cupboard according to colours. =)

5. I crave for Fried Laksa !!

I really do !! I don't mind eating it everyday (unless I am sick la)... I crave for it everyday, every hour, every minute, every second...exagurrate...hehe...but I crave for it everyday la... It is absolutely D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S !! If you don't believe me, ask my aunts, uncles, cousins, and my frens !!

6. I like to touch things twice!

When I was young, I use to think that my temple was a switch to on or off the everytime I touch it (accidentaly or not), I would touch it again.... Silly, right? Lucky now I don't do that anymore...

7. I have this habit of counting steps

Everytime I use the stairs, I would count how many steps there are... hahaha... I have to climb 46 steps to get to my house... At Taylors, there are 11 steps for each flight... same goes for Monash... 11 steps per flight... but the one stairs I tried counting but failed was the one at Notra Dame...Look at the pic and you will know what I mean...

8. I Cannot watch Horror Movies

I can't help it if I have an imaginative mind? after watching these horror movies, the image of the "ghosts" will stay in my mind forever... FOREVER!! and I will imagine abt them and dream abt them...You, know, get nightmares and stuff like that?? that's why I cannot cannot cannot watch horror movies or see any scary pics of these "things" !!

9. I Always stack my books or anything on my table in neat piles !!

Hahaha...neat-freak...but this only applies to my work space... when I am doing my homework, every now and then you can see my rearranging the pile of papers or even books that I am writing on... a bit problematic....*sigh*
I still remember how neat me and my frens were in college...everytime we use "liquid" while writing our reports, we would throw it away and re-do it... even if we use it once... haaa...can laugh abt how silly we were back then...

10. Alarms & Songs

My alarm is my handphone... I would set a nice song that I wouldnt mind waking up to hear early in the morning... but after I use it as my alarm for quite some time, I would HATE that song... Like last year, I had to wake up at 5.15 in the morning to get ready for my exams... The song I used as my alarm was "Paradise Kiss" opening theme... *ughhh*
When I hear this song, I would cover my ears... I guess it's because these are the songs that wake me up from my BEAUTY SLEEP!

Well, that's all abt me...not really all la...but some of the little known facts abt mua!!
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