Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Random shots~!

[PART 1]

I haven't been very rajin updating my blog lately although it is my holiday adey... I know I am suppose to post abt my trip to Langkawi but I am too LAZY! *hehe*

This post contains pics that I took in the past few months...

My favourite food!! Fried Laksa!!

Books that I used for my BIO 1011 essay...

This is the first time seeing ppl serving Ti-pan taufu in a bamboo bucket!

Guess what else the Chinese consumes??

Deer tail for sale at a medicine hall...

Making a human karyotpe for bio practical

What you get when 2 uni students are getting ready for their exams?



A very very messy place...

My "neat" table after finishing my project!

Spider in the bathroom!! (small compared to the ones in Aus)

Sait Yie and Mua chatting... READ WHAT SHE TYPED!

Sait Yie and Su Yi at Midvalley

My little baby, Yuki... I know he is a guy but he looks so cute with the flower!

My new Skechers!

Cute or not?? From the Naturalist one...

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