Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy 50th Merdeka!!


Happy 50th Merdeka, Malaysia!!

Last night went for a spectacular show and countdown... I was in Putrajaya with my family and my mother's sister's family... Went for the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition... Last night was Team Japan... and really... the fireworks were soooo wonderful that I can't find a word to describe how beautiful the sky was... *speechless*

They really win hands down... but I can't really say this because I only saw Team Australia and Team Japan... haha... Didn't see Team Malaysia and Team Italy... might be going for this Friday's show... the Grand Finale by Pyrofest Canada... must be great... too bad China didn't enter... their fireworks must be really cool too...

I really enjoyed to show... although there were bad things like poor sound system, DJ was inexperienced (no countdown and kept repeating the same song and he kept saying the same thing)... Other than that it was okay...

I took a video of the fireworks... could hear all the people cheering and clapping and not to mention 'waaaaaa... ooohhhh.... pweeeetttt' =)
I won't put it up so soon... here are some pics!!

Putrajaya by Day

Putrajaya by night

PICC at night

Fireworks !

More fireworks!

More more!!

Even more!!

Yes... that's all the pics I got... and some of them are from my sister's cam... Can't wait for this Sunday!! More fireworks... ^^
Did I mention that Team Japan's fireworks had heart shaped ones and also star? No pics because I was taking video... the Star one was hard to see because it was really fast.. Kireii! Oo... there were 2 people wearing Yukata... one guy and a girl.. it was obvious that they were from Japan.. heh...

enjoyed it a lot even though it took us more than 2 hours of driving to and fro ... more or less 1 hour to get there and then another 1 and a half hours to get back!

Enjoy yr holidays!!


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