Thursday, October 4, 2007


Wow... It's been really really long since I last posted something here... Haha... Busy as usual with my work and assignments and webtests and reports and??? EXAMS!! It's LESS THAN 22 DAYS TO GO!! OMG!!

21 Days left and counting...

I just can't stop listening to music!! It's become my good companion now!!
Everything I do, I will listen to it!
Not everything la but then I'm with my mp3 player more than 20 hours a day!! =)

Can't live w/o music!!!
and not to mention dramas too... I have enough dramas to last me for 2 weeks , min... hehehe... Then I'll have one more week to spare for other stuff...and then my sumemr school starts... sigh... 2 more years to go and I'm FREE!! Graduate!!! =)

Ok... need try and finish up my assignment... *sob*
Can't wait for tmr!!!
嵐 going to be on MS!! aiko too!! *yey*

Just heard that Cuzzies abroad are coming back for Christmas!! Yippeee!!!
Can't wait too!! Looks like I can't wait for everything... lol...

Till then... until the timer above runs out =)
*hehehehe* no more posting until then!!


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