Sunday, February 17, 2008

Holidays are almost up!!

Yes... My beautiful and 2 weeks holidays are almost up... Only one more week to go... sigh... but I'm a little excited as well... Can't wait !! It's back to the lab and my favourite place... THE LIBRARY !! Otherwise known as the Commons Area... haha... One thing I like abt the library is the air-con !! 気持ち!!!

Ahhhh.. good thing it's been raining over the past 2 days... HEAVY RAIN !!
Everytime when CNY comes, man it can get really hot... up to like 36 degrees...
I know you peepz in Aussie must be like "36?? That's very hot??"... hehe... My fren told me that it can go up to 40 degrees in Melbourne... Poor thing and she said there is no air-con cuz it is expensive...

Well... Most of the students will be heading back to their Uni adey... Have a safe trip and have fun !! =)

Just took a random quiz and hehe... the results are so true!!
Travel Horoscope for Sagittarius

When you travel, you want to experience the journey as much as the destination.
You want a vacation that really immerses you in a culture.
You should travel:

By train, across all of Asia
With the Peace Corps
As a foreign language teacher
On an around the world ticket

Spending a few months in one place

I was planning to like travel not with the Peace Corps but with WWOOF or others... It's volunter work overseas... Cool eh? You get to travel and learn new things at the same time... but it's expensive... that's the bad thing... I'm not sure abt WWOOF cuz you need to be a member to check out the details... is REALLY expensive... It's like 3k plus US DOLLARS !!
I'll be sooo broke !!

Anyways... sigh... need to study again ! I keep forgetting my ひらがな!haizzz... The last few lines are so hard !!


Cute little Tau-fu-fa!!

みみ-chan!! かわいいね。
(uggghhh... been editing this post for dunno how many times adey and still got prb... the fonts aren't aligned properly and there are sooo much space in between each paragraph... and then everytime I put a new pic, there are extra spacing between the lines... *geram* I seriously love VOX so much! )

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