Sunday, April 13, 2008

Don't you hate cravings ??

Eeee... Thanks to Miss Rabong... I'm craving for Yogur Berry!!
I want to eat !! but then got one bad thing abt eating it...

It's soooo cold that it's hard to eat... hahahaha... but it's yummy and I love the after taste... Leaves a sour flavour... It's like eating cheese cake... maybe cuz of my You should try it... Here are some reasons why you won't feel guilty eating it!!
  1. YogurBerry's Yogurt Ice Cream contains Low Fat & Low Calorie - a health conscious product.
  2. YogurBerry's Yogurt Ice Cream contains only 'Fruit Sugar' providing more sweetness, but with less Blood Sugar Rate
  3. Enjoy YogurBerry Yogurt Ice Cream with lots of Vitamins & Fibers from Fresh Fruits & Nuts
PLUS... there is an ongoing promotion now... If you buy 3 or more Yogur Berrys, you can stand a chance to win a trip for 2 to KOREA !! I want!! Entered adey... hehe... Thanks to my good friends, Miss RABONG & Qikuq! hehe... Must go and eat again!

This is how it looks like... took the pics from the website~

The toppings! Altogether got 28 toppings... but not all are listed here... How I know? This is the answer for one of the questions for the contest !!

Yummy?? This is the normal one... Just the frozen yogurt icecream... Both of my friends ate this...

I ate this one! Cuz in the menu there were peanuts on it... but then, got no peanuts on the menu... ONLY ALMONDS ! oh well... it's a type of nut...hahaha... they really need to put peanuts!! The best topping is peanuts... and chocolate syrup!

*sobs* I wanna eat it... =(

oh ya... just finished Coffee Prince... I know I'm slow... but then... sigh... another drama that nvr fails to 'dry' my eyes! IT'S my favourite drama after 宫 then it's Unstoppable Wedding... =)
Yoon Eun-hye Fighting ~~~

Coffee Prince~~

Unstoppable Wedding~

宫 aka Goong or Princess Hours~~~~~
(this drama very cham... cried for 90% of the series)


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