Saturday, May 3, 2008

Update update~~

Slack slack slack... Lazy bum is taking her own sweet time to do her project which is due in 2 weeks time WHICH is also the same due date/week for 2 other stuff... *boohoo*
Anyways... On Thursday, 1st of May, was Ku Cheong's b'day... Nice right?? You have a holiday on yr birthday... haha... Labour Day , summore...
After makan and playing with Miss Tan Kate-Lynn, went to Pasar malam with Mr Pilot, Niggy, Dr. Eu-Not-Nice and Mojojojojojojojo.... ^^
Shouldn't have drank the Lin Chee Kang la... Haiyo... after buying bubble tea at the pasar malam, really felt like I was going to explode!! Haha... even the walk didn't help at all...


*nibble nibble*

She is soooo cute now! She can crawl EVERYWHERE !! Grew more hair too !! Nette tok tok! When u balik ar, I think she'll be walking adey.. haha... I like seeing babies wearing pampers... Their butt looks really fat and cushy... haha...

That's all !! I learnt a new word too ! いそがしい which means busy... ^^

GTG... need to speed things up a bit... need to finish work faster now... exams are just around the corner!!! still got so much assignments left !!


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