Friday, July 11, 2008

Hong Kong Trip: Day 2~~

Hey Hey... Continuing my adventure in Hong Kong~

On the 2nd day, we headed out to Mongkok to go SHOPPING! So there isn't much pics for today... We spent the whole day shopping!! and eating, course... Had wonderful food! Oh... I forgotten to say this... On our first day we got lost after lunch trying to get to Victorea's peak... and what did we find?

They gave out WHOLE doughnuts as samples! Yummy!
Anyways, the dim sum was wonderful! Cheaper and much much yummier than the one in Malaysia... Their har kao has 2 BIG prawns in it... On top of their Siu mai, they have another prawn!! *yummy*

We waited until 2 something before we had our dim sum lunch... It's the happy hour and the dim sum is cheaper during the happy hour... SO next time u wanna have dim sum, wait till 2 something and u can eat everything u want at a cheaper price... ^^

After eating, we headed downstairs to the Esprit warehouse! IT's sooo big! and cold too... Lots of baju at like 50% off! Then we went to the highest floor, and there was this Jusco that sells everything from household, stationary, cooking stuff, food, to sushi making stuff! They didn't sell clothes and frozen food... Everything there was JAPANESE! and they best thing was.... EVERYTHING WAS ONLY RM 5 (unless stated)... We bought sooo much stuff there... It was sooo interesting... The Japanese really think of everything... It was fun! The funny thing was they didn't except OUR Jusco card... haha... Malaysia's Jusco card was rejected... lol...

After that, we headed back to the hotel loaded with FOOD (egg tarts & POR LO PAO!!) No idea how to spell... It's really really good! I didin't really like the egg tart cuz they used peanut butter with the crust... Here's a blur pic of the bao!!

The top layer is hap tao sou (osso dunno the spelling)... I miss it already!

Rest rest rest and then we were off again! This time we went to find the infamous clock tower in Tsim Tsa Shui... To get there, just walk all the way down on the Avenue of Stars... That's what we did... You can always just get a taxi there... haha... It was really windy that night... SOOO WINDY! The typhoon signal was 3... but that didn't stop us from walking right beside the sea... hehe... Suddenly one huge bust of wind almost blew me off my feet! I lost my balance and had to hold on to my dad... lol...

After more walking me n my sis realized that there were still more stars for us to discover... Snapping away... There were MORE people we didn't know... But there were some we knew... heheh... Lau Tak Wah, Jet Li, Chow Yun Fat & John Woo... It was sooo windy that the pics my sis n dad took were sooo blur... (or is it becuz of their skills?) HAHAHA!

MORE Walking and we found this!

and look who popped in ! Hehe... It's Huan Huan!

My hair was in a mess thanks to the wind!

More walking and we finally arrived!

The clock tower!

After walking around the place, we went to the bus station to ask for directions... We found this attendant and we asked him where Harbour Plaza was and he didn't understand us... We don't know what Harbour Plaza was in Cantonese so we showed him the map... and we said,'Oh... It's very far... U can't walk there... It is very far...'

We were all tired and conitnued to walk... THEN we saw a sign in front of us... 'HARBOUR LAZA'... and I went,' Waaaa... So far! The plaza is sooooooo far...' It was just opposite the bus station! Lol... It was HUGE! Lots of expensive stuff... all the desinger labels... Walked till our legs were going to break... Thank goodness the mall was closing... So we walked out and found a dessert shop to rest for a while... Had MANGO TONG YUEN!!

YUMMY! The mango was sweeeeetttt!

Can't remember how much it was... Maybe HK$ 35 which is abt RM 17.5 bucks... Not bad... It is a MUST try! TVB fans would know... haha...
Our legs were sooo happy! I know mine were! We had to head back before 11.30 cuz that's the last bus that will take us back to the hotel... Hopped on a taxi to the shuttle stop and on the way what caught my eyes? The pink sign that I had been searching for 2 days... HMV!! On the street in between The Peninsula and another tall biulding! I told my parents & sis that on Friday we must must go there!! Couldn't go on the following day (Wednesday) cuz we were going to Macau and then on Thursday to Shenzhen... Coming back to Hong Kong on Friday... Once we reached back to the hotel, we searched for a restaurant to eat!! Our dinner!! We had roasted duck and char siew... It was soooooo yummy and their char siew was HUGE! The ones in Malaysia are like a quarter of the ones in HK!

And that was another day in HK! When we reached back, the typoon signal was at 8!! Dangerous level... The hotel ppl said that the ferry service and airport had shut down! We were so sad... Hopefully the next day the typhoon will be gone... but they said it would be unlikely as it was heading straight for HK... Back in the room, it was really scary... You could hear the windows shaking! And the windows are sealed! Cannot be opened at all!

That's the end...

Finished another day!!
Gosh... Starting classes on Monday again! Worse of all, my class starts at 8!! Why must we have an 8 o' clock class on Monday??


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