Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To go or not to go??

My friends and I are planning to go for a trip to Kuala Selangor on Saturday to help out... Dr Kathy (our lecturer) said it was fun! What we'll be doing there? Well, we will be going to Kuala Selangor 'dead' swamp and help to rehabilitate the place... Since Dr Kathy will be chaperoning the Ecology class to Kuala Selangor PEAT swamp (the living one) for the weekend, we'll be assisted by her student who graduated quite some time ago... So planting trees, cleaning the place are some stuff we will be doing...

Hmmm.... The only prb, we have to pass up our major essay next Friday which none of us started and then the following week we have to pass up our Haematology assignment which AGAIN, none of us started

SO tempted to go!! It's only like 4 hours of work? I'm sure I'll be able to continue my work after I get back from KS swamp?

Sighs... I can sooooo wait for next Tuesday to come! 3 hours straight of microscopy work = MAJOR HEADACHE!! Last Tuesday, we spent like 3hours searching for any BUG, INSECT, or anything that looks like a creature/animal in our samples!! It was crazy!! I came home with a major headache and we still have another 3 more samples to go through!! Thank goodness the sample from Kelana Jaya Tin Mine Lake is done! The smell really stings my nose... The ones from Sungai Kroh doesn't smell AT ALL! YEY for that!
After sampling half of the waterfall sample, we found so many stuff!! So don't think that the crystal clear rivers and waterfall are clean!! Haha... They may be free from pollutants but not tiny tiny animals in it like mites, small worms, and some funny white little prawn looking insect...

Gtg, I have a test tmr on Haematology and I haven't even studied! Yey for Megaloblastic anaemia!! (that's the only thing I remember)

study study

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