Saturday, March 14, 2009


Today was a really fun day!!
Went for my Tropical Aquatic Biology field trip! Visited the Kelana Jaya Tin Mine Lake... I seriously didn't know that there was one in KJ (not counting the one beside the FIZ)... Yea... It was nice... Had to take find good spots, collect water form pond, take samples, analyse the water, and find anything MOVING! Found lots of water mites, larvae, snails, spiders, and FISHIES! =)
Also saw this pink stuff growing on leaves by the side of the lake and they turned out to be snail eggs... It was really pretty but my camera was being evil and wouldn't take the the pic for me... Grrrr... but I managed to take ONE nice pic of the place... shall keep it for the end of the post as it was the ONLY pic I took with my cam today...

After that we headed to FRIM... Tracked up to the stream... MAN it really changed sooo soooo much! The lake where we used to swim in last time was filled with sediments! They built a small 'dam' there to filter and control the flow of the river so people at the bottom can enjoy the water... But now the pool up there is gone! I thought they were suppose to take care of the place?? not turn it into some swimming place... *tsk tsk tsk*

Anyways, we moved further up stream thanks to the irresponsible people... Started collecting samples and analysing the water at 3 places, pool, riffles, and waterfalls. FUN FUN FUN!! It was a good thing I wore shoes though... It was slippery and because of the sand, it was hard to get a good grip on the rocks... but then, cuz I wore shoes, I couldn't enjoy the cool nice river water with my feet... It was too sandy and I didn't wanna get sand in my socks... =)

Yea... It was hard for me to move around the river cuz I had find a way across the river safely... lol... I managed to anyways and it was FUN! haha... My team (me, Dorin & Bryan) was the ONLY team that actually went up all the way to the REAL waterfall to collect samples! It was much cooler and there were more spiders but less ants (YEY!)... I love jungle tracking! And I seriously can't wait for May!! We'll be going to Ma'Daerah Turtle Sanctuary for the 2 days and 2 nights in Terengganu~~~~

Now we (3 of us) are considering of changing our units for next semester... Plan to take Tropical Terresterial Biology^^ Got field trip as well... I overheard my lecturer talking about introducing Marine Biology as a unit... If they will be offering that next sem, I would definately take that!!

After our tiring trip, we all decided to go to Subang Parade for ice-cream... Mana tahu, we left without our ice-cream! HAH! Had Sakae Sushi and I found something in my Inari sushi!!

Hahaha... told the manager and she apologized so many times...

Here's a nice pic of the Kelana Jaya Tin Mine Lake=)
I took more pics but with my fren's cam... wanna get them ^^

Throwing in 2 pics of my niece (Mei Li) too (\^o^/)


KKVL said...

lol..wat's ta in ur inari? it's tat lil black thing rite..but watis it? gotta be careful when i eat there the next time..XD

|| Lyññ || said...

Haha... That's a maggot!! try not to take sushi off the conveyor belt cuz it's not fresh... The ones I ordered were okay... when I was lazy and decided to take it off the belt, I found this sushi...