Thursday, January 29, 2009


恭喜恭喜 everyone!!
Happy Chinese new year! I know it's a bit late... Was busy and everytime come back late...

Here are some nice shots we took on the first 3 days of CNY =)

Kam Kua kou (pumpkin cake)

Jean Nie and me

Our GIGANTIC cards... Playing 3 cards and black jack!!

2nd day played lots of cho tai tee

This is how we shuffle it...

My winning hand!!

Ms Tan Kate-Lynn smiling happily~~

Another shot of her waving hi to my mom~~

We went to the orphanage in the afternoon to give out angpaos and gifts...

Then when we were back home we took pics!!

Eugene and me

Mr Pilot aka K Jin

Mr Pilot is flying!! with me there... hehe...

My sister's artistic shot of the flower... notice, she focused on the flowers and NOT ME!
See Hin (want a photographer? Hire him!!) n Mr K Jin...

The best pic of the whole album... haha...

I forgot to mention on the first day we went out SHOPPING!! So sad right?? We went to The Gardens n Midvalley... We had Haagen Dazs, free Ginseng tea and free apple n honey vinegar to drink at Eu Yan Sang... We also went to Robinsons and MJ... Being girls (3 out of 5 of us), we went to the cosmetics floor and tried samples... This is what I GOT!!

It's my miracle cream!! I"ve used it for 3 days now n my skin feels softer... Can't really say abt whether or not it stops breakouts cuz haven't used it long enough yet... So far so good la... The SF Peach Sake line gave me breakouts!! Sad right? Sighs...But it made my skin softer as well... surprisingly I had no breakouts from using the aloe BB cream... YEY!

This is the last pic cuz I can't upload anymore for some reason... Blogger just won't let me...
More next time ?? ^^


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