Thursday, April 23, 2009

My free stuff~~

This week was really GREAT!! Why?? Well, cuz I got lots of free stuff this week =)

I signed up for the Clinique Boot Camp last weekend and got accepted!! I guess it's easy to get accepted but then YIPPEE for freebies!! I'll have to report in two weeks time so that they can check up on my skin condition... Wat's our mission? Look at the pics below... Collected my stuff yesterday from Subang Parade's counter... The lady was really nice... I suggest going to this counter if u wanna try Clinique...

Mission : Clear skin!

I got one month's worth of their Anti-Blemish Solutions skin care line... Received 2 sample packs...

Cleansing bar



Product list

My new skincare =)

Here's a pic of the leaflet given... Info abt the products...

Ingredient list for those who wanna know...

TODAY!! My i Nuovi stuff finally arrived =)

Soooo tempted to open it up!!

This was what's in the package~~~
So nice right their envelope... I like shiny rainbow-y stuff...

So happy!! but I was really hoping to get the cleanser and the Facefix UV BUT am happy cuz I got lots of goodies =)

What I got: numbers 1, 2, 5, 9, and 10...
Two winners from My women stuff were entitled to winning the top 10 best sellers from i nuovi... So she got 5 stuff and I got 5 stuff...

Here's the top 10 best sellers...

Btw, I'm planning to sell my these two stuff... I had reactions when I used them and they are wasting away sitting in my cupboard... I had to do this now cuz I realised that the toner had already evaporated!! What a waste right? So yea, if anyone is interested, just drop yr email in the chatbox on the right... =)
I'm desperate to sell them! but nobody ones them... Sighs... I bought each of them at RM53... They are used and there is like 75% left... Still a lot... Anybody ones free stuff?? hahaha... To ppl I know, of course... I won't just give them to some random online user, unless I know you ^^

I have a pharmaco exam and a presentation tmr!! Gosh!!




prettybeautiful said...

wow! one lucky girl to win the stuff. enjoy the products! i am sure u will fall in love with inuovi :D

|| Lyññ || said...

Thanks so much! Have yet to try them out... I don't really put much on my face except for my trusty BB cream and loose powder^^
I've already stepped into their shop and am loving the concept... hehe...