Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tsunami Hoax - Prediction 22 July 2009

Don't believe everything you get off the internet. Reasons why you should not believe this hoax are:
a) Bad English (I didn't know disaster was spelt as distaster. Was is suppose to be tasty??)
b) No credibility and reliable source (something I learned in university. No reliable source = not true)

I'm sure a scientist would know how to at least spell the word DISASTER if this person is working in the meteorology department.

Right. I suppose you are wondering what are my claims and what makes me think this is a hoax? Well, I have a reliable source, that's for sure

So it's really up to you to believe it.

Here are my sources:
Tsunami hoax - EOS
Unfounded tsunami - HKO

Credits: some websites that I visited said the same thing... I thought I should put this up... Wanted to clarify things... Besides, that's during my holidays!! I'm in dire need of a holiday~~

P/s: This is not the same as the earthquake prediction that happened in Italy this year. Seismologist Gioacchino Giuliani was a scientist but this email has no source.


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