Sunday, May 31, 2009

My shopping spree yesterday~~

Hehe... Super happy! I finally got to go out and SHOP!! Not for Mamee snack noodles or tidbits but for REAL STUFF that I need... =)
First stop was to SOGO to pick up my skin care stuff... I didn't know my skin type was combi-dry... all this while I thought it was combi-oily... hmmm... maybe that's why the previous skincare that I used dried my skin up...

MILD cleanser (RM70 something); Clarifying lotion / toner (RM115 for 400mL); Gel moisteriser (RM 155?? not sure)
[The toner bottle is HUGE!! The SA told me to get this cuz it's more 'tai'... Price for 200mL was around RM86? My banker also told me to get this]

Ingredients list for the cleanser (click for larger image)

Ingredients list for Gel moisturiser (Click for larger image)
Surprisingly the toner got no ingredients list eventhough it has SOOO MUCH space on the bottle

Guess what?? I got a free box of stuff from them too!!
YIPPEE~~ More freebies... hahaha...

Foaming mousse cleanser (make-up remover as well); Repairwear contour (Facelift cream); Repairwear (Intensive eye cream); moisturising lotion (for dry skin); Lush power mascara; Lipstick; LE Blush and brush

Ingredients list for my freebies~~

Close-up of my blushieeee...So pretty right??? It actually not mine... haha... I don't use it... So technically, it's my mom's... Plus the mascara, lipstick & eye cream =)

Another freebie I collected with the coupon Clinique sent to me... hehehe... YES ppl! It's not in a tube... The SA told me that a lot of ppl were asking how come it's not in a tube?? Why only a sachet?? Well, IMO, these ppl are trying to SAVE COST LA! Easy...ahaha... But then, I tak kesah... try try only ma... It's the suncream for face with SPF 30...

After that, I went over to Midvalley cuz mom wanna checkout the Coach sales... It's 30% off! Not all la... only one section... but quite worth it... Most of the bags were like RM1500?? The wallets were quite ex... I'd rather spend RM1500 on a bag than the wallet... Didn't buy anything cuz mom didn't like the strap of the handbag... It was too thick and it kept slipping off her shoulders... Then I headed to Borders (hehe... books!)... Meet Aunty ween at the taiwanese shop... Walked into Rock Corner and I found Arashi's Tokyo Dome concert 2008!! Surprise surprise!! Didn't get it cuz it's RM185?? MAHAL !! Found FTI's 1st live concert... Bought that instead cuz it's only RM25... 100% A fake, I know... After that we went to Isetan, momma beli baju... THEN went to Madam Kwans (YUMMY) for what else, their infamous Nasi Lemak...

Headed to Jusco to pick up more Freebies~~

I likey the bag!!

Don't laugh! I know it's tiny... The vials are 5mL each...

Water bank cream EX

Water bank essense EX
Ingredients list for both the sachet samples... Vial samples got no list...

Have yet to try them out... Loving my Clinique stuff now... hehe... ooo... Btw, TVXQ won the Battle... Really surprised cuz when I voted, SuJu was leading by more than 1000 votes... hahaha... Mr Lee Soo Man must be so happy now... Both of his money-making machines are at the top... lol... TVXQ fans must be happy... SuJu won the last time and will be featured on Channel [V]... Now I guess TVXQ should be featured on Channel [V] as well... YEY! They showed like 6 or 7 TVXQ MVs in a row! Heheh... Happpiiiieeee~~

Anyways, don't forget to catch SuJu on Channel [V]
Time: 9.20pm
Date: 6 June 2009, Saturday!

[P/s: it was postponed... Suppose to air last week...]

Gotta start studying for my exam... It's in 2 weeks time!!

Molecular biology & biotech - 16/6
Tropical aquatic biology - 17/6
Pharmacology - 19/6
Pathology - 29/6

Going to Langkawi again from the 1st of July till 7th!!


Btw, channel [V] showed an old MV of SuJu...

It's MALAYSIA!! Now we have another 13 more titles to give out (if u know what I mean)


KKVL said...

haha i so know what u mena by tat 13

ah..i never knew they were featured like tat...i've oni been blindly watcing watever kor mvs they air i nteh mornings..haha..

|| Lyññ || said...

lol... check out the battle of the pop on channel V... really cool... can see plenty of mvs... ah... in the morning shud be the JKpop program on mtv...