Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chiken Ramen~~~


Bought this Chikin ramen from Sg cuz I was curious... The concept of the ramen is soooo cute... hehe...

It didn't come out like the picture... You know why?? Cuz apparently you can cook it two ways... First way is mcm 'Mee in my mug' or in this case, mee in my bowl! 2nd way was to cook it like all instant noodles and that's what I did... As u can see, there is a hole in the middle of the noodle which is the place to put my egg! Unfortunately, the yolk slipped out cuz the water was boiling and bubbles filled the hole and puhsed the egg out =(

Price: (Bought it for less than S$1.4)

Wouldn't buy it again cuz it didn't come out like the pic! hahaha... lol... that's not the reason, the reason is that there is way toooo much MSG!! Thirsty! Oh, if u buy it, there is no additional sachet of yummy powder cuz it's mixed into the noodles... That's why the noodles were brownish in colour... Personally, I'd rather enjoy eating the noodles without cooking it... Like Mamee noodle snack =)
AND AND, there is plenty of Vit E and the noodle is made out of yam... all I could taste was the yam and the egg...

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