Sunday, March 21, 2010

Had a super time at the Super Show!

I had a blast yesterday night!! Transferring all my memories from my phone into the computer~~ It's taking forever! I have 250MB worth of low quality vidoes to see... hehe... regretted not bringing my camera with me... I left it in the car worrying that they would confiscate my camera, so I only managed to record the screen which is right beside me for a better view of their faces... heh... my phone is only 3MB and cannot zoom when taking pics in 3MP mode..have to change to QVGA mode =(

Well, I know that ppl say that pictures are worth 1000 words but memories last a lifetime^^

So tempted to go to the airport to send them off! At least I can get better pics... Only prb is, no transport down! Oh wait, I have three cars sitting here at home! Another prb, parents say that it's crazy to go all the way to KLIA... oh well...

Will post a con review later~


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