Monday, March 8, 2010

New Found ♥

My new found love is RADLEY!!! Sooooo cute but expensive =(

Handbags | Sweet Pea

Sweat Pea Tote!!

Handbags | Taunton

Taunton Bag!!!

the insides are sooo cute!

Aaaaa... In Malaysia, I think the Taunton one is selling for RM1k plus?? i can't remember... Saw it at Robinsons last Thursday! In UK it's only GBP120... So much cheaper there (dollar-to-dollar la)... haha... I have GBP60 with me! Just another 90 to go... By the time I save enough money, the price would have dropped by a quarter!! I hope =)

Didn't see the Sweet Pea tote here though... mayb I missed it... aaa... The Beside the Seaside bag was sooo cute too! It's like RM7xx here after discount!! Mahal!!! Almost got that but didn't cuz it was a grab bag n not a shoulder bag /tote...

well, gonna sleep now
My knees are still weak from hiking


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