Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just for fun~

Just like what the title says, I'm just making this post for fun~~
Now that CNY finished, I can finally relax my tummy.. haha.. it's enjoying itself for the past 2 weeks!! Feast after feast after feast!! This year I didn't go extra round cuz of one smart move, stay off the CNY munchies aka COOKIES! Didn't eat as much cookies as I did last year or the years before... hehe...

My dear dear cousin, Nette, got me hooked onto GB AGAIN!! Too bad my skills weren't as good as before... I could easily miss someone that is right in front of me!! Estimation skills are soooo bad now... Need to polish it up! Had a nice round of GB with her last night or this morning =) Hehe... Was supposed to kill her but she accidentaly shot herself and so she died... hahahaha... Can't wait for tonight!! GBGBGB!!

One thing I love abt CNY is the gatherings! And we can take as much selcas as we want without ppl staring at us... haha... snap snap snap~~ Oh, and we get to buy NEW CLOTHES!! That probably is the BESTEST part of it all, SHOPPING!

Cute snapshots of my nieces to end this post



And an unexpected picture! They were throwing 'pop pops' at our feet!

Hope everyone had a great celebration!

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