Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fun time!

I had a really great time at the concert even though I went alone... hahha... I can't give a really in depth report abt the con cuz I'm not very familiar with all of her songs... Some songs she sang were Since U Been Gone, I Do Not Hook Up, All I Ever Wanted, Miss Independent, Breakaway, Behind These Hazel Eyes, Because of You, I can't Get You Out of my head (by Kylie Minogue), a famous rock song (no idea what the title is), and she closed with My Life Would Suck Without You... I think she sang something by Alanis Morissette as well cuz she mentioned that she liked her songs... It ended just after 1 n a half hours! Really fast! No encore, she just finished the last song and said,'See you guys next year' and ran behind the stage and she was GONE~

Excuse the super low quality pics~ I was sitting REALLY REALLY far from the stage... EXTREMELY FAR!

~Even with extra zoom power, the RELA dude looks like an ant~

Where was my seat? See that yellow curve at the top in the middle of the pic?? Yes, that was my seat... I was sitting somwhere in the middle...

Jaclyn Victor and Suki Low were the opening act of Kelly's Concert... Jaclyn sang a medley of malay songs, starting and ending with Gemilang! I really love that song =) Her singing really gave me goosebumps... no kidding...

Yes, that tiny spec is Jaclyn Victor~~

Suki appeared on stage in this HUGE RED dress that had a train... It was a lovely dress but a bit too much for this kind of performance no? Everyone was like,' Must she wear that? Why is she wearing that dress?'... But she really looked very pretty =)

~She played the violin too~

And that's a pic of her in the dress! I gotta say I love that dress but not for this occassion

I didn't take that many pics of Kelly cuz she jumps, moves, dances, and bobs about way too much! hahaha... I'm already using my zoom and so most of the pics came out blurry... got one OK one of her on the screen...

Where's Kelly??
I like the lightings! hehe.

There she is!!

YEY!! I can't remember the song she opened with

Sorry for this unflattering shot of her...

Here's a short clip of her singing Miss Independent

Will b uploading the other songs below if only the internet would speed up!! I waited for almost 6 hours to upload Breakaway but it still wasn't finished so I decided to cancel it... As for the others, still in progress...

I Do Not Hook Up (my fave song!)

sry for the horrible sound... it wasn't like that at the concert =) I took the vids cuz I liked the lighting effects! They r sooo pretty!

Won't be uploading anymore vids. I've tried uploading for more than 16 hours already and not one of the vids were successful...


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