Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Shopping Mall~~

Yes! Not only is it a shopping mall, it also has a hotel, office, and residential buildings! Cool, no?

I visited the hotel, Empire Hotel (I guess) and I was really impressed! Rooms were big and comes with a seperate study area... I didn't take a pic of the bed and toilet (which was modern and spacious) but I took the small hallway seperating the bed from the workspace... I think this is a good idea... It's a boutique hotel and standard room rates start from RM200+ and above... Price still not confirmed yet... The pics below were for the standard room. The other bigger room, I didn't take a pic cuz it was hot hot hot! They haven't installed the air-conditioning system yet... The bigger room was BIGGER (??) and the seperate study area had a couch and a small round table with chairs... Both rooms had Samsung HDTVs!! So nice!

The 'hallway'/space (however u wanna call it) seperating the bed from the workspace
[door on the left is the toilet]

[Wardrobe on the right and a zebra print couch on the left]

Hallway leading to the rooms
[I like the pattern of the carpet^^]

I also had the chance to visit the grand ballroom which is quite small cuz the hotel itself isn't very big... The person who brought us around said it can fit about 300 people in it but I think it definitely can fit much MUCH more! I just love the walls and the ceiling of the place =) very modern~~

Pretty right? I'm impressed with the hotel... There is a 'skybar' at the lobby... 2 I think... They have an outdoor 'patio' for people who wanna breathe in the smoky air outside... hahh. Mind u, both bars/outdoor sitting areas are facing busy roads (one facing the Federal Highway, and the other facing the road behind Wisma Consplant)... haha... No pics cuz they haven't finished renovating the place yet... Shud be opening by next month... Owner of the hotel is only 39 years old and is already a DATUK!!! Shocking~~

Here's the entrance of the hotel
Take the lift beside Italiannies' entrance or u can walk up from the stairs in front of Popular

The hotel block
[heh.. I see Rakuzen^^]

Anways, I really like the place and the shopping mall is really nice too! Some of the tenants include, Jaya Grocers (SAY HELLO MORE IMPORTED FOOD!), Tangs (junior anchor tenant), Italiannies, Mdm Kwan's, Rakuzen (shifted here from SS15), Nyonya Clours (delicious Mee Siam that costs only RM2.50), Pasta Zanmai, Shojikiya, Crispy Sister's Popiah, Yoo something (sells yao char kuay and etc), Mr Baoz (sell siew bao), Hot Wraps (monash also has), O'Brien's Sandwich (yummy wrappos), Teh Tarik Place, Coffee Bean, Starbucks, The Loaf, Lameeya (from DU), Tarbush, and others.. Just realised, I listed all the food shops! hahahaha... Got The Face Shop, Speedy, World Of sports, Kiehl's, Crabtree & Evelyn, Guess, Bag Bar (??), Popular, Toys R Us, Cheateau de Sable (love the baju thr! It's a kids shop! hahaha), F.O.S, Adidas, Skechers, SASA, OPI, 128 Faubourg, and many many more which I can't remember... Oh, the name of the mall is Empire Shopping Gallery =)



Aries said...

Oh, nice place. I have never see anything like that, Like the ballroom. Just blog hopping. have a nice day

|| Lyññ || said...

Same here! That's why I was really impressed with the place =)

Thanks~ U have a nice day too...

Anonymous said...

may i know the exact address or email of person in charge for this hotel..kindly reply as soon as possible..thank you..