Sunday, July 4, 2010


Last week was hectic enough... Next week is going to be EVEN MORE hectic... Here was my schedule for last week, my schedule for this week and the following week~~

Last Week:
Monday - Outing to Midvalley, shop for presents, and watched Knight & Day
Tuesday - REST!!
Wednestday - Factory Visit!! Out the WHOLE DAY!!
Thursday - WRAP presents and practice...
Friday - Help to prepare for the party! Went home for a while to shower and back to the venue for the party^^
Saturday - Movie time!! Toy Story 3!! Sushi Zanmai~~ Dinner @ Sg. Buloh
Sunday - REST!! Pasar Malam and dinner~~~

This week:
Monday - REST! Yey!! Need to do some souvenier shopping as well...
Tuesday - Visit Korean Tourism Organisation , lunch @ KL, outing with Korean uni students n dinner with em...
Wednesday - Wrap souveniers nicely all 9 of em~ Dinner n then plan to go i-city
Thursday - Shop for ingredients to make muffins n lunch with GFs... Korean Class~~ Plan to make some finger food...
Friday - Bake muffins, visit school, give muffins to teachers, lunch (I guess), REST!!!
Saturday - Hopefully I can rest a bit, planning!! Still haven't plan our trip to Korea!!
Sunday - REALLY need to sit down and plan... list down stuff to pack~~

Next week:
Monday - Pack pack pack! Last minute shopping~~~
Tuesday - REALLY LAST minute packing and shopping~~ Night time - airport!!!!!!!
Wednesday to next Tuesday - KOREA KOREA KOREA!

우리코리아파티 - Our Korean Party ^^

Of everything on that poster, I only drew the big heart thr. lol. BUT I contributed some ideas on how to decorate it^^

Can u spot me??? hehehe... This was EVERYONE! Plenty of guests attended the party^^

FOOD!! Kimpab, Tteokkochi, Japchae, Sandwiches & Currypuff (not in pic)

Of course! Kimchi, what's a Korean party without Kimchi?
The little packets there are cookies. For some reason, it's called Ommason Pai which literally translates to Mother's Hand Pie... It tasted like light butter cookies to me ~~

Can u spot me again?? This pic is the regulars plus the visiting Korean university students^^

That's all~ Uploading some videos of the performances at the party onto FB

Need to be quick quick quick!
I haven't multi-tasked since I left university!!

Need to find recipes, transfer songs for my sis, answer my friend's n cousin's chats, sms ppl, and also upload stuff! Plus, I need to write an article... gosh gosh gosh...


It's gonna be a loooong nite for me

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