Tuesday, July 27, 2010

♥♥ Seoul ♥♥

It's been exactly one week since I left Seoul =( I really had sooo much fun there... Definitely must visit again... 6 days was too short! (minus 2 days of travelling)

This was what we did over 8 days =)

Day 1, 13/7/2010
Had a light dinner with my parents before leaving KLIA~
Transit at Bangkok for an hour or so.
RUSHED like MAD to the boarding gate because they showed that it was the final call! Arrived at the boarding gate all sweaty only to find out that it wasn't a final call. They were actually letting passengers board the plane row by row... UGH!

Day 2
Arrived at Incheon~~~ SUPER HAPPY =)
Took a bus from the airport to Myeongdong... Walked to the hotel which was only like a minute away... Couldn't check-in yet cuz we landed around 6am and reached the hotel around 9? Check-in time was 1pm so we decided to explore the area a bit... Went to the Starbucks behind our hotel and had a taste of Starbucks coffee in Korea... I had my usual Chocolate frappo with one shot of espresso... YUMMY =) Then I was asked to do a survey online but we got lost in translation... hahaha... The barista was having a hard time telling me what to do... lol... If I complete the survey, I'll get a free latte the next time I visit!! woot woot^^

After that, we walked around Myeongdong and started our first taste of collecting free samples and of course, shopping!!! Had naengmyeon for lunch and headed back to the hotel to check-in and freshen up~ Was very impressed and happy with the hotel!! Rooms were clean and big!
Went back shopping a bit and had Korean street food; tteokbogi and a sausage topped with bacon~

Went to Gangnam, walked around again and then went for dinner with Sora~ We had a traditional Korean dinner! It was super filling but yummy!
Later at night, visited Cheonggyecheon! It was so nice... Soaked our tired feet in the river before heading back to the hotel...

Day 3
Woke up at 7am and got ready~ Went for breakfast and then made our way to the bus station in Jamsil. Took the bus and headed to EVERLAND =)
It was really nice but quite hot... Reached everland around 11am... Visited the souvenir store first! Snapped plenty of pics in there... haha... I was surprised that their merchandises weren't expensive... Had burgers for lunch~ Spent almost the whole day at the theme park~ Left around 7pm and headed back to Myeongdong for dinner. This time we had BBQ^^

Day 4
Woke up early again and had breakfast in the hotel. We took the subway to Wangshimi station and then to Cheongyangni. From there, we took KORAIL to Gapyeong station in Gyeonggi-do... Then we took a cab to the Nami dock and took a ferry over to the island... We spent the whole morning travelling again... The place was nice~~~ We walked walked walked and then it started to rain so we decided to have our lunch... We had BBQ again and pajeon~~ It was POURING LIKE MAD! We had to buy raincoats and umbrellas... Walked in the rain and the 'streets' became streams... We were wading in the water as we explored the island more... We decided to stop at 4pm and headed back to Seoul... Was sad that we didn't get to explore the island properly.. We even planned to cycle around the place =(

Reached the hotel around 7 and did our laundry before heading out to have dinner~~ We tried Andong jjimdak... It's Andong style steam/simmered chicken... It was the most spiciest thing I've ever eaten!! Eventhough it was spicy, it was REALLY tasty! Headed back to the hotel to collect our laundry and then went for a little shopping again =)

Day 5
Slept in and went to Tour Les Jours before going to Starbucks! Had yummy bread and my free Vanilla latte for breakfast^^ It was technically free but I added vanilla into my latte... I paid 500won for that... haaha... Since it was raining again, we cancelled our plans to go Gyeongbokgung and went to Dongdaemun for more shopping!! Visited Doota and then Migliore... I had bulgogi bibimbap for lunch at Doota! We ordered a pizza and it was YUMMY!

Then headed back in the evening and me and my sis went to Myeongdong for dinner while Lynette went to Sinsa-dong for her dinner with her friends... Me n my sis had japanese food... I tried the katsu and my sis had sushi with cold soba noodles... Again, the food was YUMMY! After that we walked to the Namsan Cable car... Mind u, nvr walk there at night with only 2 ppl. Very creepy cuz u have to walk through the housing areas and the streets are quite empty. Lucky for us there was a couple in front of us... The fog was THICK but we could see the lights of the city after the fog was gone =)

Day 6
Slept in a bit and bought some bread from Tour Le Jours for breakfast again!! Visited Idae (Ewha's Women Uni Viscinity), Sinchon, and Hongdae (Hongik Uni Viscinity)... Shopped around in Idae... We had ssamgyupsal and marinated pork in Sinchon~~ Didn't really enjoy the ssamgyupsal as it was pork belly fat... Then we went to a Hello Kitty Cafe for coffee and waffles... After that we walked to Hongdae went to the Coffee Prince Cafe!! Had coffee again (not me as I had iced peach tea)... Snapped pics and then went to Yeouido for the Hangang Cruise~~ Myungshin (Nette's friend) joined us this time... The cruise was nice... The highlight was Banpo bridge!! So beautiful!! My sister got soaked... haha... Headed back to Myeongdong for a late night dinner... Had haemultang~ It was spicy but yummy!! We also had some bulgogi^^

Day 7
Last day of shopping for us =( Went to Insadong as it wasn't raining... Bought some souvenirs and then went to Lotte Mart near Seoul Station for a little grocery shopping! hahaha... Bought kimchi and instant noodles =) I also bought a packet of doenjang as I was hooked onto doenjang jiggae~~ Had lunch there as well... I had the bulgogi lunch box and then we shared cheese tteokbogi~~ Headed back to the hotel and took a short rest... I was shocked to see a bottle of wine and 3 glasses on the table!! It was complimentary... haha...After that, went out for dinner with the Korean University students at Ashley Americal Grill... We had the international buffet there... Food was GREAT!! I loved the sweet potato gratin^^ After dinner we had to head back to the hotel to do a little packing... Then we went out again for some last minute shopping!! After that we had supper with Sora at Beans Bins... Had waffle with Haagen Dazs ice cream!!! Said our goodbyes and started packing!! It took us like 2 or 3 hours to finish!!

Day 8
Woke up at 5am to shower and get ready... Left the hotel at 6am and went to the bus stop to take a bus to the airport =(
Reached the airport, boarded the plane, transitted at Hong Kong and Bangkok. We had a nice foot massage at Bangkok and tried their Starbucks... Seoul's was much better!! Reached Malaysia around 10 something~~ Was tired but I wouldn't mind doing it all over again!

I took Thai Airways and the food was GREAT!! I think the last meal on the plane was the best!! I had vegetarian ravioli and tiramisu!!

Pictures, posted up a few albums on FB [1 . 2 . 3 . 4 ]


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