Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm a working girl now

Come tmr, I'll be starting my 3rd week at work! So far, so good... I'm able to cope with the workload for NOW... It's starting to pile up but still manageable... Tmr,gotta attach invoices that arrived from the US office on Friday to their respective POs... AND also to follow up on all the orders I placed last week:)

Job was a little boring at first and I panicked a little on my second day of work because my boss was on a sick leave... I was handling everything on my own in the office with her instructions through the phone and skype... We mainly communicate through skype because it's easier that way, instead of sending emails which we don't check every minute...

Basically, my job description is to type out purchase orders, place orders (duh!), follow up on the payment,delivery, or inventory status by calling suppliers, once in a while make quotations, key in purchase order data into their SAP system, preparing shipping documents, AND clearing shipments. I just learnt the last two stuff on Friday...

It's an easy job, just gotta be a little careful as I get mixed up... There are more than 5 companies under one group and I manage the purchases for all the companies... Sometimes, I issue the wrong PO from the wrong company or key in the wrong list price... Things like that... I get confused with list price, trade price, seller's price, order price @@@@@@ Sometimes I send the POs to customers in excel format which is a BIG NONO! Must send in pdf format...

Bah... I wrote a note on a PINK paper and stuck it to my monitor abt sending in pdf format AND to attach files to the emails... hahaha... It's horrible that I have short term memory loss (mild one)... When my boss tells me a few things at once, I gotta jot them down... Otherwise, I'll forget one or two stuff :D

I'm still looking for RA positions, preferably in my alma mater... Anyone need an RA?? I'm available! Lol... I'm interested in Microbiology and Pharmacology... I plan to further my studies later and am hoping to do a Masters in Formulation Science or Phamaceutical Science... My ambition is to work in the personal care industry as a formulation scientist! Ambitious? Hahaha... My very first interview got me curious abt this industry... It'd be exciting and cool to work as a formulation scientist~~ Tee hee... My alma mater doesn't offer taught masters degrees, only research masters... Their research strengths are also different, mainly tropical biology, biochem, mol bio, entomology, and also microbio... I'm quite interested in microbio BUT there's no opening at the moment :(

Well, I'm only staying at this current company because of the pay... I get paid a lot for working as a 'clerk' ... hahaha... Hopefully I can get an RA position ASAP~~


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