Thursday, April 21, 2011

fun fun fun~~

Lol... yesterday was GREAT FUN! Chatted with Sora for like 2 hours through Whatsapp and we came up with this crazy idea!! Since she misses Malaysian food and I miss Korean food, we decided to send each other some through mail! Hahaha... Crazy but it's feasible... though I can't send her her favourite roti canai... don't think it's possible to send frozen food or if it was feasible, it'll be so expensive... prolly have to ship with some dry ice or something... hahaha...
Hmmm... I know that she loves 'Heong peng' and she said that she cuddles the packet to sleep... lol... her mom loves it too! other than that, what else can I send?? Should come up with a list of dry food that's yummy!
Woot~ but first, gotta check out how is it to send food using EMS... hahaha....

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