Saturday, May 14, 2011

New hobby!

Wow, my last entry was in April... not bad... Been super busy with work... I started bringing home a bit of work secretly so that I don't have to stay back so late... I've been leaving my office at 7pm lately... horrible but I have no choice...

ANYWAYS, last week was fun! Went for SkyTrex! It was cool... I only liked the flying-fox parts, didn't enjoy the plank crossing, net crossing, and the LADDER climbing!! lol...
This is the very first obstacle for the Big Thrill

The FUN part :)

This is the net crossing... not very nice...

This is the plank crossing... quite wobbly...

Was supposed to be in the same group as my cousins and her friends BUT we got terribly lost on the way there... GPS brought us to the wrong place and we circled 2 or 3 times only to find out that the old Taman Pertanian (now a housing estate) has shifted and changed its name to Taman Botani!!! Since my cousin had already booked the place for us, might as well just go :) Glad we did, it was quite fun~

SO, a week earlier, I found a new hobby :) Expensive little hobby but satisfying and very interesting... hahha...

My first chandelier earrings :)

MY second one~ simple design

I'm planning and testing my 3rd design now... Trying a little wire work plus my leftover beads from the previous projects... My 4th project has been all planned and I just need to get my supplies... Trying to console at least 2 or 3 projects together so that I can buy the supplies all one one go instead of buying it one by one... Save on shipping cost and also I can get additional discounts :)

♥ 4th project design ♥

Now to finish up my work and then continue with my 3rd earring project!!


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