Sunday, July 6, 2008

Congratulations Miss Jade Lim & Alvin

This might seem a little bit too late but... Hahahaha... I'm a lazy blogger~~
Their wedding was my first official outing after my exam... hehe... Who did I see there? Well, Miss Nettok!! and others... Hahahah... Jason, See Hin & Shereen, Adoi, Tik ku (gg)... who else?? tak ingat adey...

Next, the 3 musketeers~


And last but not least, a picture with the bride and groom~

Vin tok tok!! We need you... hahaha... Kiara partner... Was suppose to go yesterday but only me & nettok were going... Niggy was suppose to go osso but not confirm one... After exam, after HK trip, put on so much weight adey...

Next part~~~
Last Tuesday, went out for steamboat with Aunty Jo... Me, Jojo, Nette tok, Nikki, & Eunice...
Eat until sooooooo full!! The 2 little skinny ppl suddenly stop... busy playing with their handphones... Me, Aunty Jo, Nette tok & Mojojojo tried out best to habis the food... but we already reached the limit!!

Me and nettok went to watch Kung Fu Panda at Pyramid last Friday... Why only both of us?? Well, all of our cousins were too busy... Sigh... Nikki had other plans, Mojojojojo had class & Eunice had to work... =(
I haven't been to Sunway in a long long time till I forgotten there was a Secret Recipe there... hah! We had lunch at Zen (by Secret Recipe) and both of us had Spaghetti Bolognese... It nwas too peppery and not enough tomato... The original Secret repice is better!! =)
Kung Fu Panda is funny when u watch with other ppl... Ohya, I forgot to say that... OUR SEATS WERE TAKEN!! REALLY !! No kidding... I was counting the seat numbers and found ppl sitting in our seat... but lucky the cinema was not pack... So we sat in another seat...

I didn't realise that both of my bloggies are already one year old!! This blog is older than the other one but WOW! One year of blogging... Happy~~~

HK trip... hahaha... lazy to post the pics up now... maybe next time~~

[View of Hong Kong Island at night from Victoria Peak]
Note: This was the day before the typhoon struck HK!!

[Me ME!! In Japan!! I wish... It was raining ok?? I'm not posing with the umbrella for fun!!]

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