Monday, November 10, 2008

The Skin Food~

Hi everyone... I know I should be studying right not but I just can't! Been staring at the same page for the last one hour... haha... I wish I had photographic memory... One look n I can remember everything... Can't wait for Tuesday!! Last paper! Hahaha... It's my practical anatomy test... I don't mind taking the exam... It's just the quarantine thingy... Don't know how long I'll be stuck in the hall with ntg to do!! *sighs*

Anyways, just wanted to blog abt something random... =)
Been snooping around looking at new facial products and decided to try this from The Skin Food... The products are from Korea and are made from FOOD! YUP! The food that we all eat...

I decided to try out the Peach Sake line, lots of ppl have been raving abt it...

[l-r] Peach sake Emulsion, Peach sake toner & seaweed cleansing foam

There wasn't a peach sake cleanser so the lady at the shop recommended this seawed cleanser... I have oily skin n pore troubles... lol... The peach sake (PS) line is for pore control while the seaweed is for oily skin... The peach emulsion & toner are around RM50 each while the seaweed cleanser is much cheaper, RM 30+... For those of you who have even serious pore prbs , there is also another product in the PS line to help make yr pores almost invisible! It's called the PS serum... Can't remember the price though... For those who wears make up, u can also get the PS make-up base... Price, can't remember...

Just applied it once just now... The PS emulsion is light n not greasy... Leaves a slight matte appearence... Very nice smell too! =)
Haven't tried the cleanser yet cuz my other cleanser haven't finish yet...

Y did I try this brand? Hmmm... Cuz it's korean!! Hahaha... lol... nola... I heard ppl saying it's good... got lots of good feedback too! They have this loyalty program now... Every RM20 u spend, u get a chop and I think after 6 chops u can redeem a free gift... There are 4 tiers, if I'm not mistaken... First tier is a blackbean eyeliner, 2nd & 3rd tier can't remember, but the 4th tier is MASK!! Their mask is very nice!! =)

OH! Before u plan to buy anything from this brand in Malaysia, pls choose one branch and stick to it! I heard that the branches are owned by different ppl... So that loyalty card thing will only work at one branch... If u buy frm Subang Parade, keep buying frm thr cuz then u can collect more chops faster! ^^
TSF will be opening a Malaysian website soon... YEY! Not sure when... This is their website!

OK... I guess that's all~
Gotta get back to my studyin =(


All the best to students sitting for their SPM~
All the best to other students who r or will b having their exams!

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