Thursday, December 18, 2008

Small update~

Hei hei... I know I haven't been updating my bloggie... Here's what I've been up to lately...

1) Clinical Attachment @ Pathlab in KJ (come visit meeee~~)
2) Crazy abt the new LG phone!! It's BEAUTIFUL!! n yummy too (○゚ε^○)v
3) Haha... still looking for the right BB cream... It's real ex and I found a new place at summit (KBS!!!)...Haven't visited it yet... MUST VISIT!!
4) Playing tons of sudoku! Hahaha... only during working hours when there is no work to do...

Oh ya... I attended a wedding last weekend! The best part of it was, I didn't have to report for work!! Hahahaha (∩_∩) Last Friday till Sunday was a BLAST!! Congratz to MR Potato & Mrs. Pattato... =)

Picture of my neighbour for the night aka Nettetok n Meitok! *gg*
note: my red fingers are from work *evil*

The new phone I'm eyeing on!! It's like RM 750+?? So much cheaper compared to my current phone... I know it's impossible to get the Sony ericsson re and W54S... sigh... I likey this new phone! My current phone is giving some prbs... can auto-off one... lol... then everytime I turn it on, b4 I even type anything, it goes 'Unsuccessful'... lol... new phone ^o^

I haven't uploaded other wedding photos cuz am too lazy for now... hehe... Friday we had pre-wedding dinner, Saturday was the big wedding and then on Sunday was the post-wedding party... After the wedding, slept over at the hotel with 6 ppl in one room!! Stayed on the Club floor wei!! So chun!! hahaha... MO is super nice!! The toilet stuff were so high class, all from London... smells sooo nice!! The suite (bride n groom's room) was something like the size of my house!! of course my house bigger la... haha... but then got sauna!! *faints*

I might b posting pics here... MIGHT... that's if I'm not too lazy... Now am really happy cuz I found out that my sem only starts on the 2nd/3rd of March!! This means I have one whole month to R&R!!

Gtg... Wanna finish reading my latest story book! Gotta finish this b4 my Beedle the Bard comes... \(○^ω^○)/


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