Thursday, July 9, 2009

Interesting fact??

One in five S. Korean actresses forced to have sex

ONE out of five South Korean actresses were forced to have sex with influential figures, according to a survey in which 183 artistes participated.

Sin Chew Daily reported that 35 (19.1%) said they had provided sexual services unwillingly or had friends who had done so.

Most of their “customers” were high-ranking executives of television stations, film directors, script writers, entertainment company owners, politicians and entrepreneurs.

The survey said 63 (34.4%) of the actresses had been asked to entertain the “powerful” men but not all did it. Those who refused were given smaller roles in dramas or movies while some were assaulted or threatened.

Forty-five of those interviewed said they were also asked to pay a certain sum of money to secure roles in films.

The survey – conducted by a union of South Korean entertainers – was sent to 2,000 artistes following the suicide of Jang Ja-yeon in March, but only the 183 responded.

The 26-year-old co-star of the popular Korean drama Boys Over Flowers, was said to have taken her own life after she could no longer bear the sexual abuse and exploitation.

I know there was this kind of thing going on but didn't expect the figures to be THAT much!! One in 5 actresses??? OMG!
If you watched 'On Air', it highlighted this fact in one of the episodes... Not really highlighted, but they mentioned abt this...


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KKVL said...

woah! i know things like this are definitely to exist in the industry..but ONE in 5? woah...tat's like 20%..but when u put it in percentage..doesn't look so horrifying..but still....

|| Lyññ || said...

YEA! I was surprised... But then again, it was only based on a very small group of actresses... I'm sure the figures are lower than that... Prb like 1 in 10? scary!