Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stressed out~~

This week has to be the worst week for me ever! Failed isolation, blank agar plates, horrible capsule staining... What else can go wrong?
THIS picture totally made my day!!

I was suppose to isolate two different bacteria from a mixed culture... I managed to isolate one but the other one for some reason refused to grow on my HBA!! I isolated twice and nothing grew... or at least I thought so... hahha... The pic above is my Neisser's stain performed on an 'empty' Loeffler's slope... Why empty? Well I couldn't see any visible colonies growing on the slope... Gram stained it and found SO MANY BACTERIA!! So I proceeded to do a Neisser's and got the BEAUTIFUL pic above... ahhhh...
Sadly there wasn't anything on my HBA so I couldn't proceed with a RapID test... *sighs*
But wait, I was asked to gram stain my 'empty' HBA and I got minute tiny tiny amounts of bacteria... I mean I could actually count how many G+ve rods thr were in one field... lol...

Well... Going out to celebrate JoyC's b'day tmr... Watching G-force!!! Cute little fur balls... hehe...

Ah Sam, here are the pics u wanted to see^^

BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO VIN TOK TOK! Wishing you all the best in everything you do! All the best in your exams too! Cya in Dec, I guess... Not sure when u'll be coming back =)

Gotta finish writing up my microbio report!

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