Thursday, March 24, 2011


At times like these I feel soooo sleepy *yawns*
Boss stepped out since like 9 something and I'm left with no work to do... Nothing to do and I've been looking through the orders, and sorting them out... Can't wait for the weekends!! Oh, a friend from Korea will be visiting too :) Still haven't really planned where to take her as she herself doesn't know what she'll be doing these two days... I think she already arrived today... Planning to take her to Central Market, the Pyramids of not Giza but Sunway (lol), and also iCity... Makan too!! That's what we're famous for, other than the islands and forests~~
Time flies so fast at work! Before you know it, it's already the end of another month!! I wish that it was last week again, then I have something to look forward to... hahaha... Well, I do have something to look forward to this weekend but last week, the anticipation was killing me!! I'd love to repeat last week again^^
Someone, invent a time machine!! I wanna travel back to March 19 2011 and March 20 2010!! Oh, I'd love to travel back to 13 July 2011 as well =D Then I can re-live my holidays in Terengganu, China, and Singapore!! I wonder whether you can travel into the future too! Fast forward to September 2011!! Hehehe... Going to Langkawi again^^ This would be our third time! Just relaxing, swimming, and hopefully some jungle trekking! Ooo... I can't wait!
I miss studying :( I used to complain whenever I started a new essay, assignment, or report... I'd say to myself,"Why on earth did I sign up for this course?? Why why why???"... Then after when I finish my work, I look back at what I wrote and feel a sense of accomplishment... Content, happy, and satisfied... I'd say,"Ahhh... eventhough I complain, I still love what I'm studying"... lol... Now, when I think about it, how on earth did I memorise all those things for the exams??? When I flip through my old notes I'm like,"OMG! I used to remember all these things???"... AMAZING!! Too bad now I don't remember mostof them...
Oh well...
~ TTFN ~

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