Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super Junior the Super Show 3 in Malaysia 2011

DONE with my concert review!! Check it out here :)

I have a few photos only because I was recording most of the time~~ About the videos? I guess I'll only choose a few to update like the opening, No other, and some other worthy ones! I didn't take all the performances as I was trying to save space for the second half of the concert... YES, I finished 4GB before it even reached the second half of the show!! I didn't take anyone's solo parts except Lee Teuk's and of course, Yesung ^^ I deleted Henry's solo cuz I had no more space :( His rendition of Bieber's Baby was really good!!

I'll most probably add videos in a separate post or just add it together~~ stay tuned for more goodies^^ I've some good videos :)

//EDIT// Uploaded one video!! It's my favourite song^^ 잠들고 싶어 - Kyuhyun, Ryewook, Yesung, Sungmin, and Donghae :)


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