Monday, March 28, 2011

New week, new beginnings

Had a fun time last Saturday! It's been a while since I last explored KL :) Me and my sister played host to our friend who came all the way from Seoul... The day started with us getting caught in a jam and cuz of that we were late to pick up our friend by 1 hour!!!! Imagine that! From Subang to Section 17, it took us 1 hour!!!
We didn't get to bring her around much... Felt quite bad... We only managed to bring her to Central market, Petaling Street, KLCC and Thean Hou Temple... For food, took her to Kayu, Jalan Alor, and SS2 'Wai Sek Kai'... lol... she wanted ice kacang and the one at Wai Sek Kai was nice... Was supposed to bring her to KL Tower and iCity but we ran out of time... It was too jam in KL and by the time we were done with our ice kacang, it was already 12am... She was going to Melaka the next day and she was staying at her friend's place, so it wasn't nice to bring her back so late... hahaha... We ended chatting more than sightseeing...
Should post up some pictures next time!! I'll prolly put it on FB :)
It's officially been 4 weeks since I started work! Workload is starting to pile up... It always does on a Monday~~ By the end of the week, it'll be gone or only 1 or 2 stuff will be left undone... hahaha... I don't go out for lunch anymore... I'd sacrifice my lunch time just so that I can go home early...
Had a funny dream last night... How I wish it was real though... I dreamt of something that I had always dreamt of doing... hahahah... confusing... Simple terms, I dreamt of what I had always wanted to do~~
Back to work ~

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